Audio / Video / Lighting

Whether your temporary needs are immediate and short-term, or scheduled out for an extended duration, LiveSpace's vast inventory consists of diverse, professional audio, video and lighting equipment. We can complement any existing venue or create an entirely new space in the middle of nowhere with the appropriate level of accommodations to enhance your event. We provide a holistic solution from the moment the house lights go down and ours go up.

We have the capability to produce live studio-quality sound, brilliant HD video and dynamic theatrical lighting scenes. Our on-site crew will manage and operate every aspect of production and tear-down without leaving a footprint so that your event will resonate long after the crowd has gone home.


If you need to turn it up to 11, our tour-level rider-friendly backline and front-of-house equipment will perform. Our backline is available for one-off gigs or for an entire tour. We know what it is like to be out on the road. When you are ready to rock, you just have to plug in and play. And, if your event or artists need a solid foundation, our staging decks are poised, stacked and ready to elevate you.


Used/B-Stock Equipment for Sale

Stay tuned for other gear!